On the present moment, this program, in its basic form, can:

  1. Testing raw performance by measuring speed of:
    • Creating empty files
    • Creating 15KiB files
    • Creating files in 5 sizes: 15KiB, 30KiB, 60KiB, 120KiB, 240KiB during one test
    • Creating directories
    • Creating directories AND 15KiB files
    • Reading files
    • Appending extra 15KiB to (random) files
    • Writing 15KiB in random positions in (random) file(s)
    • Random reading files
    • Chmodding files
    • Creating symlinks
    • Deleting files/directories/symlinks
    • Per single character reading and writing
    • Displaing time and rate in “MiB/s” or “Files/s” of operation
    • Stating (random) files
    • Truncating (random) files
    • Operations done with streamed functions (fwrite(), fopen(), etc)
    • Creating one file in given size
    • Reading one file in given size
  2. In near future, much more tests...